Foreward to New Student Members


One of the things that we seek — all of us — is to be united to a developing cause. We want to make a good thing great. We want to turn the gears of creativity and ignite energy.

An ethos is not self-driving. It is enforced by attention to detail, rigor, and flexibility through the turns of growth. It’s mechanics that allow organizations to accelerate. Here are the components of those who tinker, learn, and do.


1 Club. 3 Universities. 12 Projects. 150+ Members.

Three chapters represent 3D4E in Southern California.  At the University of Southern California,  software and hardware advances will help create a scaled 3D printed model of their campus. Through the DJI Phantom drone and various printers, 30 students will refine this project over the Fall 2015 semester. In its opening semester, UCLA designed a smart RC car using entirely 3D printed materials and a motor. This semester, three more projects will be underway. San Diego State University continues to develop both simple and complex DiY gadgets. From custom guitar mounts to robotic arachnoids, the team in San Diego mans projects often associated with DARPA Robotics Challenges.

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The “maker” culture is also gearing up at two new campuses. Harvey Mudd’s mission to develop “experimental and interdisciplenary learning”, falls suitably in line with 3D4E’s own mission to “foster a spirit of improvement, advancement, and care”. They are a welcome unit to a strong mix of individuals.

3D4E is also training a leadership core at Arizona State University. The Ira A Fulton Schools of Engineering contributed an estimated $89.06 million to engineering advancements at fiscal year end 2015. 3D4E hopes to tap into the enthusiasm of crafty entrepreneurs who can help highlight their mission at the Arizona campus.


People. Community. Culture.

As a chapter member at 3D4E, students gain unique experience through multiple touch-points. The nature of this organization is to grow through shared competencies. Students who excel at web design will find themselves next to digital modeling specialists. Presentation gurus will be faced with technical experts in different fields. A 3D4E, it pays to be different. This strategy will continue to engage new perspectives. While challenging, this has proven to be key to the collaboration and advancement seen in the community.

Membership benefits have included hands on learning experiences that have stretched to speaking engagements at Autodesk, internships with start-up companies, and the chance to give back to communities. The USC Freehand Project is just one example where engineering chops, professionalism, and community giving all come together to form the voice of 3D4E. Organizational activities can be found through the respective 3D4E chapter websites. Visualize 3D Printing through Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Join today, contribute, and build your own tomorrow!

3D4E Membership

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