Kicking Things Off

This marks the first entry in this friendly interweb sphere. The focus of this hub?

The possibility of taking a thought –an idea — and actualizing it into hand-held potential.

This source, 3D4Modiste, will be focused on giving well-rounded insight into the 3D Printing world.

Parallels will be drawn, analysis made, opinions offered, and drawbacks reflected upon. The occasional smattering of unrelated thoughts may make their way to this home. This serves to give insight into the writer, and an added dimension to this page. Design may be talked about, patent rights, intellectual property, simplicity in form and function, crowd funding, the maker movement, poetry, observation, and thoughts on kinesthetic learning.

All of these will clearly relate to an industry that is experiencing growth and new form. 3D Printing, through 3D4Modiste (3D4M) will give a well-rounded, thoughtful, and developed portrayal of this recently popularized potential.

I hope that over time, it will spur questions, provide answers, and found intuitive construction. Jump in.

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